At some point in our adult lives, we need to make a giant leap into the unknown. It’s not always easy making that leap into the darkness. 

But it all starts with one step. 

You need to burn your bridges.

If you go into the darkness, burn the bridge you came from. Why? Because there’s no way back after that. You need to step all in. That’s the only way you can make it. 

While at the Lights Festival in Amsterdam, I remember our tour guide saying every person in this life will need to make a jump into the darkness, not knowing where to fall. 

Amsterdam light festival make that jump

When I heard that, I realised that’s where I was in my life. 

I realised I hadn’t made that jump yet. 

I was still comfortable living with my parents, working part-time jobs, and making nothing of my life. I was just trying to live by. 

But I had the desire to make that jump and be on the other side. 

If you haven’t made that jump, just do it. 

I know it’s frightening. It frightened me. My jump was quitting any job, I had to start full-time entrepreneurship. 

I had a bunch of savings. So, I committed to never working for a boss again. I had to make it as an entrepreneur. 

And I didn’t have any business going on. I didn’t have an income from any entrepreneurial pursuit. 

It was really frightening for me. But I knew that staying in a part-time or full-time job would drag me down. That would pull me further away from my goal. 

Even if I wanted to do it part-time, I couldn’t. I was just super lazy and unmotivated. 

Once I burned that bridge and made that jump, I knew there was no going back. 

Sometimes it takes the biggest fear that we need to face. My biggest fear was that I would end up as a homeless person. 

People kept telling me that’s what I’d become if I was not working. That was terrifying for me. 

When I burned my bridges, I knew that my biggest fear might actually come true. 

I also knew that if I didn’t take that leap of faith, I wouldn’t do the things I wanted to, because that fear was so real.

That’s why you never see people with 9-to-5 jobs taking that leap. They’re basically in golden handcuffs. They’re too comfortable. And there is no fear of where their next meal will come from. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to live every month with that fear. 

But when I took that leap of faith, I knew there was no way back. That was the kick in the butt I needed, to do things I normally wouldn’t do.

I started asking people for help. 

I was too proud and afraid to ask people for help when I still had my part-time job. 

When I finally took that jump, I was able to do it because there was nothing else I could do. 

In those days, I would do everything legal and ethical for money. I would go to stores and look in their bins. Many of these shops throw away returns from customers. Some of those returns are usable. 

So, I found things in their trash that I could sell online. That’s how I made some money at the start. I was willing to do it if that’s what it took. 

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Whatever it takes, you need to make sure that there’s no way back.

Maybe the way back is a job or a person in your life. Maybe it’s your current circumstances. Maybe it’s your surroundings. Maybe you need to have a better environment.

The way back is different for everyone. 

Some people don’t need to quit their jobs. But others do. I needed to do that. And if that’s you too, do it. 

You will thank yourself for doing that. At the start, it was not fun. But soon you start realising that you’re a much better person.

You realise that you’re the person you always dreamt of becoming.

So, burn your bridges. Do it now! 

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