About Marek van Beek

Equip, Empower And Educate People To Achieve Freedom, So That They Can Help Others To Achieve Freedom Too.

Business Owner And Investor On A Mission To Help People Achieve Ultimate Freedom.

I’ve failed business more times than I succeeded. Yet still I was able to build a relative successful business for myself at a young age. 

Most of my friends went on to study at universities. I simply did not know what to do. I tried to study, but quickly realised that it was not what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a business owner. 

Having no mentors around me, I was all left by myself to figure out this ‘business’ thing. I studied all the entrepreneurs that I knew by reading their books, watching their videos and listening to their podcasts.

I learned from the great minds of Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone and Robert Kiyosaki. But also from less known business people such as MJ DeMarco and many business owners that I talked with on an online forum and that I met in person on events. 

When I started on my entrepreneur journey I had one wish: one day I would be successful enough so that I can teach and educate other young driven and ambitious people to also become a business owner. 


A life dedicated to God

I’ve tried everything and nothing worked. The moment that I accepted Jesus in my life was the moment my life changed. We as children of God are living testimonials to His word. It is my duty to spread my testimony of the love of God.

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A life dedicated to love

My love, my wife, my Venny is who I share my life with. We could’ve only met because of our connection with God. He brought us together for a reason. And we are on the path to discover that reason, and spread our love to others. 


A life dedicated to inspire people

My whole life I wanted to inspire people. Yet I was so shy to show myself to the world. I have always wanted to show to people that miracles can happen. If you believe, if you persist, anything can happen. It is my wish that your miracle becomes true. 

“Life Is Not Meant To Be Done In Isolation. People That Come In Your Life Are A Gift.”

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Do You Need Clarity In Your Business?

When I was the most uncertain in my life, I needed the most clarity. I wanted to have questions to all of my answers. And there was nobody to answer them for me, so I thought. All the answers came to my life when I started to read the bible. It wasn’t until then that I understood life. I wish I had gotten that knowledge and wisdom when I was a child. But God had a specific plan for me. And this is my path. 

When I really need clarity in my life I pick up my bible and start to read. Or I take my notepad and start to write. Clarity is power. Clarity gives certainty. If you need clarity in your life, I suggest you either pick up the bible, start writing or both. All our answers are found from within. If you would like to have a call with me. Get in touch with me via the contact page. You will always get an answer. 

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