Money: The ONE Thing That School Failed to Teach You About

Money Game: What School Failed To Teach You

There are so many misconceptions, myths, and beliefs about money.  There are misconceptions about how money works, where it comes from, or how you get more of it. Many people don’t know how you control or multiply money. The media teaches so many wrong beliefs about money. And so, I feel obligated to share more[…]

Can You Become Rich Trading Cryptocurrencies?

Can you become rich trading cryptocurrencies

Can You Become Rich Trading Cryptocurrencies? You may be trading cryptocurrencies and asking yourself, can I become rich with this?  The answer is a big “YES!”  I’ve been in four booms and busts in crypto.  And so, I have a lot of experience I can share with you, including the wealth-building possibilities of trading cryptocurrencies.[…]

Spending Money Should Be The Goal, Not Saving

Alternative title: why cashflow is king. Are you afraid of spending money? Has the fear of losing all your money taken control over your life? Then you need to spend more money! For years I was afraid to spend any money. Even when I made a lot of money I was still afraid to spend[…]

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