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Secret #1 – The 3 Rules Of Accumulating Money Like Wealthy People Do

You changing your outcome simply by changing the way you operate. Wealthy people play by a different set of rules. You will uncover what these 3 rules are, so you can use them in your own life, in order to create wealth for yourself and your family. 

Secret #2 – New Beliefs About How To Create Wealth Fast

This book is full of new beliefs that will help you understand how money works. You will discover the hidden secrets about how to create wealth fast, so you can use them to build your own wealth and fortune.

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Secret #3 – The Lies That Have Been Told To You About Money

The media, the news, the magazines have all been lying to you about money. Even the ‘financial experts’ you see on tv lied to you. They tell you to save money and life frugal, while they themselves life extravagant lifestyles. You will uncover some of the nasty truths that has been hidden from you for years. 

About The Author


The question “How does money work?” has daunted me since I have memories about money. And the question foremost: “how do I get more of it?” Over the last 25 years I’ve been on a journey to discover how money works. I’ve read dozens of books, from autobiographies of entrepreneurs to the ‘hidden money secrets’ of The Bible. I’ve been on the poor side, and I’ve been on the rich side of life. I’ve dumpster dived for discarded products in order to resell them online. I’ve traded over $100,000,000 in volume while day trading.

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